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Getting Started

This guide will walk you through creating an account, installing Shorebird, and logging in.

Sign Up

To create an account, head over to the Shorebird Console and authenticate with your Google account.


Using install script

To install the Shorebird command line interface (CLI):

Open a terminal and run:

Terminal window
curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | bash

This installs shorebird into ~/.shorebird/bin and adds it to your PATH. It also installs a copy of Flutter and Dart inside ~/.shorebird/bin/cache/flutter. The copy of Flutter is slightly modified to add Shorebird code push and is not intended to be added to your PATH. You can continue to use the versions of Flutter and Dart you already have installed.

Manually installing

Shorebird can also be manually installed, allowing users to choose where the installation will be placed.

In order to do so, in a terminal, inside the folder where Shorebird should be installed at, run:

Terminal window
git clone -b stable

Add the bin folder from the repository you just cloned into your PATH.

Once the installation has completed, shorebird should be available in your terminal:

$ shorebird
The shorebird command-line tool
Usage: shorebird <command> [arguments]
Global options:
-h, --help Print this usage information.
--version Print the current version.
-v, --[no-]verbose Noisy logging, including all shell commands executed.
Available commands:
cache Manage the Shorebird cache.
doctor Show information about the installed tooling.
flutter Manage your Shorebird Flutter installation.
init Initialize Shorebird.
login Login as a new Shorebird user.
login:ci Login as a CI user.
logout Logout of the current Shorebird user
patch Manage patches for a specific release in Shorebird.
preview Preview a specific release on a device.
release Manage your Shorebird app releases.
upgrade Upgrade your copy of Shorebird.
Run "shorebird help <command>" for more information about a command.

You can use the shorebird doctor to ensure things are setup correctly:

Terminal window
shorebird doctor

Example output:

$ shorebird doctor
Shorebird 0.18.4 •
Flutter 3.13.9 • revision 39df2792f537b1fc62a9c668a6990f585bd91456
Engine • revision e81fa131e59506d9f6af2a0cee7de749131f1bf0
✓ Shorebird is up-to-date (0.5s)
✓ Flutter install is correct (0.3s)
✓ Has access to (0.2s)
No issues detected!


You can login using the shorebird login command:

Terminal window
shorebird login

Example output:

shorebird login
The Shorebird CLI needs your authorization to manage apps, releases, and patches
on your behalf.
In a browser, visit this URL to log in:
Waiting for your authorization...
🎉 Welcome to Shorebird! You are now logged in as <email>.
🔑 Credentials are stored in ./path/to/credentials.json.
🚪 To logout use: "shorebird logout".

That’s it 🎉

You now have a Shorebird account, have installed Shorebird CLI on your machine, and are ready to start using Shorebird.

Connect on Discord

Shorebird has an active Discord where we’re happy to help you:

We also offer a private support channel for paying customers. We don’t yet have an automated way to add you to the channel, so please message a member of our team on Discord and we’ll happily add you to the customer support channel.