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Shorebird is available on Android and iOS (alpha), with many apps shipping to the Play Store and App Store.

Our guiding principle has been "first, do no harm". It should be the case that using Shorebird is never worse than not using Shorebird.

We're working closely with our early customers and we would love to hear from you. Shorebird operates publicly on Discord every day and we welcome your feedback. Filing issues works well too.

iOS Alpha​

Shorebird is currently in alpha on iOS. Instructions for using Shorebird on iOS are available in the Getting Started guide.

It is safe to ship with Shorebird on iOS. Please note there may be performance (currently slower than Android) and patch size (larger than Android) differences in the alpha product.

We expect to reach parity with Shorebird on Android around October 2023.

You can see all open issues for iOS on GitHub

Known issues​

Commonly requested features on iOS and Android:

  • Self-hosting or on-premises deployments issue
  • Asset changes (images, icons, etc.) issue
  • Older Flutter versions (only recent stable versions are currently supported) issue
  • Analytics issue
  • Manual rollbacks (automatic single-device rollbacks on errors already work) (issue)
  • Staged rollout of patches (channels or percentage based) issue
  • Patch signing (patch hashes are already checked) issue
  • Fastlane integration issue
  • "Native code" changes (java, kotlin, etc.) -- not planned.

iOS "alpha" specific issues (which will be resolved before production):

  • iOS apps built with shorebird release ios-alpha run Dart code slower than normal release builds.
  • iOS patches are proportional to the size of the app, rather than the size of the change, and thus larger than patches on Android. issue

If these, or anything else is blocking your use of Shorebird, please let us know!