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Uploading Symbols

Shorebird uses a fork of Flutter to build your app. This means we’ve built our own copy of Flutter’s engine which means that the symbols included in the Flutter.framework or are slightly different from the upstream Flutter engine.

If you would like to see C++ symbols from our fork of Flutter’s engine in your crash reports, you will need to upload the symbols to your crash reporting tool.

Google provides instructions for how to integrate various crash reporting tools into your Flutter app:

Getting Symbols from the Console

Shorebird’s console provides links to download the symbols for both for your built app and the Flutter engine in the “Artifacts” tab of the release page.

The current URL format for the console has this tab under:<app-id>/releases/<release-id>

Manual instructions (only needed for CI or scripts)

If you need a way to download symbols as part of a CI pipeline it’s possible with the following information:

For a given Flutter version you will need the Flutter engine hash to download the symbols. This hash is displayed in shorebird doctor output:

$ shorebird doctor
Shorebird 0.24.1 •
Flutter 3.16.7 • revision ba46e8490348d6989283c9cff2b95727f0969d04
Engine • revision 974eae888fdedd890b74c84e55a454bb7fcbd7de

In this case, we’re using 974eae888fdedd890b74c84e55a454bb7fcbd7de as the engine hash.

Symbols for iOS

Assuming engine hash 974eae888fdedd890b74c84e55a454bb7fcbd7de, the iOS symbols can be downloaded from the following URL:

Symbols for Android

Assuming engine hash 974eae888fdedd890b74c84e55a454bb7fcbd7de, the Android symbols can be downloaded from the following URLs: