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Code Push In Hybrid Apps

This guide explains how to use Shorebird in an iOS hybird app scenario (that is, your app embeds Flutter UI in non-Flutter UI).


If your app is a pure Flutter app, follow the standard code push guide instead.


This guide assumes you have already have an iOS app and a Flutter module. Our iOS app will be named IosCodePushDemo and our Flutter module will be named flutter_module.

This guide also assumes that you have created a Shorebird account. If you have not created a Shorebird account, please see our code push guide for instructions.

The reference code for this guide is available at

Add Shorebird to your Flutter module​

First, run shorebird init in your Flutter module:

shorebird init

Embed the Flutter module in your iOS app​

Shorebird requires that your Flutter module be embedded in your iOS app as an .xcframework.


The steps to do this are the same as the option B in the official instructions, so in the event of a conflict between the docs here and the official docs, defer to the official docs.

Add the path to your .xcframeworks to Framework Search Paths​

In your app target's build settings in Xcode, add the path to your Flutter module's Release .xcframeworks directory to Framework Search Paths. The value you use for this path will be the path to the Release directory and will be relative to your app's .xcodeproj file.

Xcode framework search paths

Embed App.xcframework and Flutter.xcframework in your app​

In the Build Phases tab of your app target, add the App.xcframework and Flutter.xcframework from your Flutter module to the "Embed Frameworks" build phase:

Xcode embed frameworks

Ensure the frameworks are signed as part of the build process​

In the General tab of your app target, ensure that the frameworks have the "Embed and Sign" option selected:

Xcode embed and sign

Create a Shorebird release​

Create a Shorebird release for your Flutter module:

shorebird release ios-framework-alpha --release-version 1.2.3+1

The release-version parameter needs to match the version of the iOS app that uses this module (i.e., version+build from the Xcode settings, or CFBundleShortVersionString+CFBundleVersion from your app's Info.plist).

Xcode build version

The version number for this app would be 1.0.0+3


Because Shorebird only works with release builds, this will only produce a release version of your archive. This is similar to running flutter build ios-framework --no-debug --no-profile.

Verify that your app runs​

In Xcode, update the current scheme's build configuration to "Release" and run your app. Your app should work as before with no differences.

Submit your app to the App Store​

We won't cover this step in detail here, but this is where you would submit your app to the App Store. For code push to work, it is important that you submit with the same xcframework generated by the release command above.

Verify that Shorebird is working with a patch​

Make an edit to the code in your Flutter module. Then run:

shorebird patch ios-framework-alpha --release-version 1.2.3+1

patch will overwrite the xcframework generated by release, meaning that you will see a "hash mismatch" error if you run the app from Xcode.

As with the release command, the release version should be the version of the iOS app that uses this module.

Now run the app directly from the a device (not launched from Xcode), navigate to the Flutter screen, and verify that the patch is recognized and applied.